Well, It took a while, but h'm happy to say that DiaperChat has upgraded the backed-end systems with security updates, we have also moved the website itself to a newer, faster, dedicated server.

DiaperChat is poised to expand, were coming up on another holiday season and this is my gift to the visitors, a new system, more secure, and stable.

I can't wait for Christmas with my friends

Please note: I am currently still converting some information, as such much of the items members saw before are still missing, over the next few days the information will be added again.

The chat servers are still up, and have been up, through the entire maintenance window, and the web client will soon be put back on the website after it is converted to run.

Marry Christmas all :)

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When do you change your diapers?
As soon as I wet I change
2 or so wettings but still dry
Not untill I leak
N\ot untill someone changes me
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