Have you ever told someone about your diapers?

Yes, because I need to wear.
20% (73 votes)
Yes, That I like them.
49% (177 votes)
Yes, but lied saying I have a medical need.
6% (22 votes)
No, I have never told anyone about my diapers.
25% (90 votes)
Total votes: 362


I told my mom, because she

I told my mom, because she found my diapers...she needed to be sure I wasn't in troubles. So I told her everything, how I was sexually aroused by diapers, how good it was to wear diapers, how amazing it was to masturbate in them...She felt very surprised, but she accepted it. Since this day, I don't have to hide them anymore. She even provides me diapers and powder if I am asking her! I love her so much

Told someone about my diapers

No I haven't but both my mommy and older sister have,becuase I have been back in diapers full-time since about 16 years old.Full-time in night diapers since 9 years old.

I need to be a BABY GIRL full-time.I love MY diapers,and EVERYTHING about just being a helpless baby!!!!

I've told the last couple of

I've told the last couple of ex's about them. I figure why hide it and let it be a surprise when we go to bed if it even gets that far? Saves a little headache and a lot of heart ache.

i told

I told my girlfriend and she said that she wouldnt care if i wore them or not


I told my friend that (being an epic gamer) i used them for gaming he just laughed and said noting else

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When do you change your diapers?
As soon as I wet I change
2 or so wettings but still dry
Not untill I leak
N\ot untill someone changes me
Total votes: 4476