As some of you may have noticed, we have a new logo :)

Credit for this design goes to wittle Baby Lauren, who was most undoubtedly “Pretty In Pink” when she made this lovely design. Although it took her a couple of tries to not use just only the pink crayon *G* next time hopefully she will remember that not all of us look as good in pink as she does.

Many a nappy did give its life in the quest for the new logo, probably even a pair of ruffled panties, and for their sacrifice we do now have a cute little logo. I hope all of you find it appealing a logo as me and my cohorts have.

Thanks again Lauren! Keep up the good artwork! and remember always ask your mommie for more then just the pink crayon :)

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When do you change your diapers?
As soon as I wet I change
2 or so wettings but still dry
Not untill I leak
N\ot untill someone changes me
Total votes: 4463